Rules We Follow

The Club encourages its members to play singles or doubles games of Golf Croquet. The Club prefers to follow the rules defined by the Croquet Association, founded in 1897 in Britain. The rules of the sport can be found here.

Dress Code and Etiquette

The Club expects its members to know the dress code. A general thumb rule being if you feel overdressed, you’re probably alright. Admittedly, for the sake of comic relief, the Club does encourage the occasional eccentricity as long as it is in good taste.

The Raja Raghunath Rai Cup

Raja Raghunath Rai (or Raja Ragnat in Bernier's Travels in the Mogul Empire, A.D. 1656-1668) is the oldest known ancestor of the Club's patron family. He served as the finance minister of the Mughal Empire during Shah Jahan's reign and later, served as acting vizier during Aurangzeb's reign (Truschke, 2017). During his second coronation, Aurangzeb conferred upon him the title of 'Raja' (ibid.). Described by Chandar Bhan (secretary and poet at the Mughal court) as the 'frontispiece in the book of the men of the pen of Hindustan', Raghunath's life was cut short in 1663/64 while he accompanied Aurangzeb on a trip to Kashmir (ibid.).

The Cup that the Delhi Croquet Club plays for during the winter (or Mughal) season is named after him.

Climate in Delhi

Delhi's climate allows one to play croquet throughout the year. The only exception being the Monsoon season, which is a period of very heavy rainfall during the months of July, August, and September.

In the summer, the best time to play is either a few hours after sunrise or a few hours before sunset. Playing during the afternoons is inadvisable. During the colder months, smog permitting, the sun in Delhi is rather pleasant and ideal to sport your tweeds.

Although, the weather in Delhi is fairly static, it is always a good idea to step out for a game after checking the day's weather on a reliable weather app.

Health warnings: Due to a threat of UV radiation and constant air pollution, the Club advises its members to generously apply a high-factor sunscreen, wear UV-blocking sunglasses, and carry an air-filtering mask whenever possible.

Interesting Facts About the Sport

Although the club in Wimbledon is best known for the Wimbledon Championships, the All England Club started as the All England Lawn Tennis and Croquet Club.

While the sport has been enjoyed on the lawns by many, it has been also been enjoyed on the canvas and on paper. Notable works include Édouard Manet’s Partie de Croquet à Boulogne–sur–Mer and A Game of Croquet. Literary works include The Croquet Player by H.G. Wells, and the much famous scene from Lewis Carroll's Alice's Adventures in Wonderland.

The sport is played regularly across Universities such as Edinburgh, Cambridge, and Oxford which have active (and often competing) croquet clubs of their own.

The World Croquet Association maintains the official rules of Golf Croquet and is an excellent website to keep up to speed with the world championships and rankings.


December 2018

Week 2 to see players being assigned a handicap by the Club Handicapper.

Recommended early start for players to make the most of the winter Sun.

October 2018

Club reopens for its Mughal Season. Rumour has it, there is a cup in the offing!

June 2018

We've made some improvements despite spending the summer sipping Spritz and Pimm's. Our trusty blacksmith has presented us with a new a set of hoops (hear, hear!). Now we wait as he tries to fix the weather.

May 2018

The Club will be shut due to the heatwave. Members are advised to spend the summer in sub-Alpine conditions praying for the well being of our lawns. You shall (of course) be notified about the next game.

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